Wood Effect Hive Active Thermostat Stand Bracket


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Material: Made from renewable and biodegradable plastic filament based on cornstarch this is environmentally friendly and strong
Form: This product attaches to your Hive active thermostat by either the included screws and bolts or via velcro for a temporary stand if need be.
Easy to setup: out of the box the stand is fully built and ready to use. You can either attach the hive thermostat with this included 2 machine screws and bolts or using the included stips of velcro.
Luxurious: Add an element of exclusivity to your hive heating setup with this one of a kind wood effect stand similar in colour to a medium oak.
Perfect for every room and can be placed anywhere

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8.0 × 4.3 × 8.0 cm


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