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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, we need 3D CAD for each part that you need to be quoted. We can supply estimates based upon sketches or photos of existing parts. If you are supplying photos we would also need overall dimensions.

If CAD data does not exist, don’t worry we can cost to create it from your sketches, or we can arrange partners to laser scan existing parts.

We provide all major 3D printing technologies. As each available 3D printing technology has various pros and cons; Our in-house technology consultants will draw upon their experience in the 3D printing and engineering world to select the most appropriate technology for your application.


Our technology consultants will give an unbiased opinion on the best process to use to match your application, as a long-standing 3d printing service provider we offer advice dependent upon the following:

  • Function
  • Material
  • Speed of process
  • Budget
  • Size of part
  • Quantity

We also offer a range of CNC, laser engraving and tradition printing to supplement our 3D Printing services and allows us to make a full product for you incorporating a wide range of materials.

As we are a 3D printer service based in the UK, we pride ourself on fast turnaround times. Depending on the size of the “print” or build, it takes from as little as a few hours. As you will appreciate, our large 3D printing service can take several days.


We also offer a three-tier costing system with turnaround times to suit different budgets and timeframes.

The popularity of our 3-tier costing system has led to the purchase of an additional SLA machine’s and a continuous Treadmill printer.

The philosophy of the tiered costing system is thus:

Premium – We organise these so that customers can utilise an entire machine solely for their project. This means that parts are built in the shortest amount of time possible. In some cases multiple machines may be used to spread the load, reducing lead time once again.

Standard – Builds are organised so that several jobs are built at once with a good balance of efficiency and speed.

Budget   Builds are organised by All Out Printing so that machines are stacked out for maximum efficiency. Whilst these are longer builds, 30% off standard pricing in exchange for a few extra days is often strongly utilised.

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