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With state of the art manufacturing capabilities, we are able to produce anything you want out of Wood, Metal, Plastic, or even 2d Imagery onto fabric or paper


High quality Wood

CNC Manufacturing

High Quality Plastic

Crystal clear 3d Printing
Laser Engraving

High Quality Laser

Laser Engraving

Small Scale Production

Small scale means high quality. Don’t be just a number and be part of the family. We don’t have departments of suits bouncing E-Mails around surrounded by red tape. We have employees who work quickly and respond rapidly to emerging trends 

1-1 Consultation

We want to understand your needs and add value to the products you want. Let us help you make your dreams a possibility. We don’t have the typical sales approach of forcing a solution upon you, we work on a blank piece of paper to easily adapt to your requirements and build innovation.

Drop Shipping

Businesses that adopt a dropshipping strategy don’t have to invest capital in acquiring inventory or establishing a location to store it. They also don’t have to spend time organizing their inventory or hiring a staff to fulfill orders. Let us do it for you

Print on demand

Selling print on demand t-shirts, hoodies, and hats are one of the fastest ways to start a profitable e-commerce business. Unlike many other traditional dropshipping business structures, print-on-demand services often have great products to choose from at prices that allow a business owner to make money

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"Photos don’t do it justice, really nice gift, will be buying more. Delivery was rapid, even though I ordered late for Christmas! Was worried about the angle it might hold the phone but it’s just right."
"Thank you so much for my stickers I am truly in love with them and I will be back to order more soon"
Rebecca Philpott
One of my hobbies is baking. and when I'm "baking this works great."
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Lily Cole
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